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todayJanuary 25, 2023 48

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On January 9, 2023, the students in Drawing II began an invigorating new project that forces them to rely on touch, rather than sight. This ongoing project is unlike any other that would be found in an art class. Each student has their own brown paper bag that was filled with random objects selected by an art student not in the class. This project requires them to put their hands in the bags without looking, and draw the items in the bag based on how they feel.

With not even one glance at the objects allowed, this project definitely poses challenges. “It’s challenging because I am able to tell what the object is by touch, but we aren’t allowed to just draw from memory,” expressed junior Maddy Gaug. Besides the fact that they can not see what they are drawing, the objects are as random as it gets. From hammers to outlet covers, the bags are full of surprises, and this project definitely puts the drawing skills of the students to the test.

Junior Maddy Gaug smiles to herself as she reaches into her bag and settles in to put the finishing touches on the drawing of the paintbrush she is touching.
Sophomore Connor Fair leans back and relaxes with one hand in his bag and his drawing paper on his lap. Fair has drawings of three objects completed, and is working on his fourth.



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