The humble beginnings of the JHS Media program began after a chance pairing at a golf scramble between then CTE Director, Glenn Weil and then Program Director of WBDC, Evan Elrod.  That school year, three sections of Photography were changed to “Interactive Media” and the foundation was built.  Being a brand new program meant building everything from scratch.  No curriculum, no tradition, and very little equipment.  Elrod took on the challenge and started a tradition of a weekly video program with just one camera, and plans to create a student-run radio station.  In February of 2013, Elrod built a Part 15 FM transmitter from a hobby kit, found an open frequency, and put together something that loosely resembled an on-air studio.  Students did the rest of the work from there on out.  Many of the early student managers did so much work to create the on-air product that was only heard in the parking lot of the campus.  Asia Alexander is credited with coming up with the station name, “The Scratch” and McKala Troxler is credited with handcrafting the first music format as music director and several other dedicated students influenced the sound with their own special shows and personalities.

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Jasper High School launches radio station, website and YouTube channel