After lots of growth in the media program, it was time to take the next step.  Luckily a filing window was opened with the FCC for Low Power FM stations.  WJWS-LP was then born.  Also broadcasting on 93.7, an antenna was installed on a light pole on the JV baseball field, and LPFM transmitter was housed inside the softball field house.  But the increased range meant students, parents, and the community was able to listen throughout all of Jasper.  This created more dedicated student shows, live sports, and an opportunity to connect with the public through a format of music that was underserved.  Elrod was brought on as a full-time teacher, the studio and classroom were moved into a more centrally located class, and the program continued to create new traditions in several audio, video, and online media outlets.

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JHS “The Scratch” radio station launches live on the air today