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Shriek Show – Mizpah Hotel

micKate Shields & Abby GehlhausentodayJanuary 27, 2023 3

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    Shriek Show - Mizpah Hotel Kate Shields & Abby Gehlhausen

For this segment, we will be covering the Mizpah hotel in Nevada. The hotel was a popular spot to hang out in the booming mining town of Tonopah. It was originally opened in 1907 and stayed open until 1999 when most of the town’s population had left to live elsewhere. The hotel was reopened in 2011 when the Cline couple tried to return it to its former glory.
Most people know the hotel for its haunted history. The Clines welcome the spirits and claim that they like interacting with guests. One of the ghosts goes by the name “The Lady in Red” or just Rose. She was a murdered prostitute who lived on the top floor of the hotel. She got murdered by a jealous lover who wanted her to quit her work.
Also haunting the hotel is a set of ghost children. They plan pranks on the guests and can sometimes be seen in the rooms and hallways. People report hearing giggling and having their doors open and shut on their own.
Those aren’t the only spirits haunting the Mizpah however. There are also two bank robbers who were murdered during a heist by their co-conspirator. Their ghosts haunt the basement. Guests and staff have reported having felt cold chills and strange sensations when they are there.

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