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Shriek Show – RMS Queen Mary

micKate Shields & Abby GehlhausentodayOctober 7, 2022 15

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    Shriek Show - RMS Queen Mary Kate Shields & Abby Gehlhausen

For this segment, we are traveling all the way to long beach California where the RMS Queen Mary resides. The ship was built in England and named after the king’s wife at the time, Queen Mary. It was the best of its kind at the time, holding a speed record for 14 years. In 1939, 5 years after its launch, it was docked in new york and made into a troopship for WWII soldiers. 

In all its time, the ship carried around 2.2 million passengers in peacetime and 810,000 military personnel during WWII. On the day the ship was launched, one popular English psychic said “The Queen Mary will know her greatest fame and popularity when she never sails another mile or carries another fare-paying passenger.” The ship went on its last cruise in 1967 and arrived in Long Beach California where it resides today. The ship was made into a hotel and holds some of the most interesting stories. 

One of the most haunted rooms on the ship is Stateroom B340. In 1948 a passenger, Walter J. Adamson passed away in the room. People report covers being pulled off of them and seeing a man standing a the end of the bed. Guests also report knocking, lights mysteriously turning on, and the bathroom water randomly starting to run. Another one of the most haunted rooms is the first-class swimming pool. Many ghosts seem to reside here, including a young woman in a tennis skirt walking downstairs and disappearing behind a pillar, a woman in an old wedding gown next to the pool with a little boy in a suit, and a cloud of steam appearing out of nowhere along with a little girl in a blue and white dress who disappears in an instant. 

The Queen Mary is currently getting critical repairs so that it can maintain its pristine condition. It’s said to reopen this month, just in time for Halloween.

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