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Shriek Show – The Conjuring House

micKate Shields and Abby GehlhausentodayNovember 18, 2022 44

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    Shriek Show - The Conjuring House Kate Shields and Abby Gehlhausen

This segment takes us all the way to Rhode Island, where the conjuring house is located. Many of you have probably seen or heard of the movie that was released in 2013, but you would be shocked to know that many of the things that happen in the film are based on a true story.
The story begins with the Perron family, a family of 7, moving into the house in January of 1971. At first, little things started to happen. Carolyn, the mom, would notice that the broom would go missing or move to a different spot on its own. She would also hear something scraping against the kettle or see little piles of dirt in the freshly cleaned kitchen after nobody had been in there. She decided to take it upon herself to research the house and found that it had housed the same family of 8 generations, many of which died from terrible circumstances.
The 5 Perron daughters began to notice different spirits around the house, some not so nice. The oldest daughter, Andrea claims that there were some spirits that smelled like rotting flesh and they would cause the beds to rise off of the floor. One spirit thought of themselves as the mistress of the house and terrorized Carolyn for being competition. The spirit was thought to be Bathsheba, someone who lived on the property in the 1800s. She was rumored to have been a satanist and there is even some evidence that she was part of a neighbor’s death. The family called the Warrens over multiple times to investigate the house. At one point, they conducted a seance and Carolyn ended up getting possessed.
The family lived in the house until 1980. When they moved, they stopped experiencing everything paranormal.
The house has been kept open for tours and investigations. You can even rent the house and stay there overnight by yourselves.

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