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Shriek Show – The Myrtles Plantation

micKate Shields and Abby GehlhausentodayDecember 20, 2022 9

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    Shriek Show - The Myrtles Plantation Kate Shields and Abby Gehlhausen

This weeks segment has us traveling all the way to the Myrtles Plantation located in St. Francisville, Louisiana. The story begins with Mr. and Mrs. Clark Woodruff. He was a well-known Judge and was said to own many slaves. One of them being named Chloe. She fell victim to Mr. Woodruff’s brutality. S he would try to eavesdrop on his conversations to try and better herself, but eventually, she got caught. He cut her ears off and forced her to wear a green turban so nobody else would know, but she had to live with the guilt and pain forever.
On one of the daughters 9th birthday, Chloe put poisoned oleander leaves in the birthday cake. This ended up killing Mrs. Woodruff and 2 of her children. It is believed that this wasn’t her intention. She only wanted to get them sick so that she could nurse them back to health and gain their respect. The other slaves at the plantation caught on to what Chloe did and she ended up getting hanged and then thrown into the river.
Multiple guests and residents reported seeing the transparent and ghostly apparitions of a young girl wearing a green turban moving throughout the property. In 1992 the owner took a famous photo that they believe captures Chloe spirit.
Just outside the dining room, there is an old mirror in the hallway. Visitors claim to have seen Woodruff’s kids show up in the mirror located in the space close to where they were poisoned. The same handprint shows again every time the mirror is changed or re-silvered, as if it were a stubborn handprint that wouldn’t go away.
This house is one of the most haunted homes in America, according to National Geographic, and is now known as the Myrtles Plantation Bed and Breakfast. They provide historical tours both during the day and at night.

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