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Shriek Show – Whaley House

micAbby Gehlhausen, Kate Shields todayFebruary 3, 2023 12

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    Shriek Show - Whaley House Abby Gehlhausen, Kate Shields

For this week’s segment, we will be traveling all the way to the Whaley house in San Diego, California. This house was built in 1857 and has been deemed one of the most haunted places in San Diego. The house is on the property of one of the most infamous executions, Yankee Jim Robinson. It was the first brick building in California. Within the first few years, there was a fire and the family moved out. Many years later, the family moved back into the house. It then became the headquarters of the courthouse. While the owner, Thomas was out of town, Anna Whaley was held at gunpoint and they stole all the records. A couple years later, one of the Whaley daughters, Violet, went through a divorce and couldn’t handle the despair, so she ended her life. For decades to come, many other Whaley descendants died in the house.
Many years later, when the house was being restored, workers began to notice mysterious sounds, sights, and aromas and had strange encounters. One of the Whaley children, Thomas, is said to remain in the house. People would hear tiny footsteps, the sounds of him crying, and even giggling when no one was in sight. Violet can also be seen lingering on the second floor of the house. Many of the Whaley decent’s spirits are said to remain in the house.
Guests experience many other paranormal encounters. Some say they’ve seen a figure looking out the upstairs window long after the house has closed for the day. Others have seen curtains moving even though all the windows in the home have been sealed shut. Some claim to hear the sounds of children running up and down the stairs. Footsteps, cold spots, and the appearance and disappearance of shadows have all been seen, felt, and heard by guests.

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