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Shriek Show – Stanley Hotel

micKate Shields & Abby GehlhausentodayOctober 14, 2022 5

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    Shriek Show - Stanley Hotel Kate Shields & Abby Gehlhausen

This week, we are going all the way to the Stanley Hotel, located in Estes Park, Colorado. It all started when Freelan Oscar Stanley got tuberculosis. He traveled to Colorado in hopes of getting better. Shockingly, he recovered and vowed to come back every year. The Stanley hotel opened to the public in 2009. People came from all over and were amazed at the beautiful architecture in seemingly the middle of nowhere. The hotel was a hotspot for many years but by the 1970s after a lack of investment and being neglected, it became a shell of its former self.
Everything changed when the author Stephen King and his wife decided to stay at the Stanley for a weekend away from their children. They were to stay in the infamous Room 217. During the night, King had a lucid nightmare where a coiled fire hose came to life and chased his screaming son as he ran down the halls of the hotel. This inspired his work of The Shining.
Although this is the most famous story of room 217, it was definitely not the first. In 1911, the hotel’s electricity went out so gas lanterns were installed in all the rooms. Unfortunately, there was a gas buildup in room 217 and when a the maid, Elizabeth Wilson, entered the room with her candlelight, there was an explosion. Somehow she survived and when she got out of her coma, she came back to work until 1950. It is believed that Wilson haunts the room. Guests have reported waking up to their room being tidier than before and having their clothes folded and suitcases organized.
This is only one of the haunted rooms in the Stanley. In other rooms, people claim that they feel people sitting on the edge of their beds or being touched randomly. Some even claim to hear laughter in the halls.

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